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What are the best Russian mail order bride websites

Today we are talking about the best websites to find Russian women. But also, we are considering traits of character of these women, their reasoning behind the desire to leave their country and settle in another country with a different culture, and other things. We hope that this article will help you understand those beauties better.

What actions to do to find a Russian wife

Are you considering finding a Russian bride? Why? The answer that you give to yourself will affect the process of your searches, its time span, and your final efforts. The same it is in real life: it is so different if you hook up somebody for 1 night in a club or if you are searching for a reliable partner, who would understand you, support you, share your interests and strivings. In the first case, efforts could be applied for 1 hour. In the second, these can be months and years.

Fortunately, with the advancement of the Internet, you do not have to spend that much time anymore. If you are considering a wife from your country or from abroad, visiting specialized dating sites is a nice opportunity to save your time. At the initial stage of your acquaintance, it does not matter in what country she is, as you make a search on parameters, which you find suitable (like height, weight, education, the color of her hair, breast size if applicable and so on). By filtering through, you just write girls, whom you liked and start chatting to those women, who reply. The real difference starts when you decide to meet in person – it is much simpler to do in your country than to fly abroad. Well, maybe the language barrier is what will be holding you down a bit – but it’s not like you cannot choose someone who knows English at a decent level, right?

Below, we are going to consider exciting and interesting facts about Russian brides so you know them better.

Russian mail order brides’ facts

  1. They are beautiful naturally. They have faces, which are not exotic but they seem classically beautiful for men from the West. Smooth skin, mostly brown or black hair, eyes of dark colors (gray, brown, green, dark blue), and sensual lips are common in the appearance of ladies from Russia. The country with a huge territory has been populated by many nations, which have been mixing with each other for thousands of years. That eventually brought nice genes out, creating cute (at least) and super beautiful (at most) appearances of women. In addition to their natural traits, Russian mail order brides apply a lot of makeup for literally any occasion – even for throwing out garbage outdoors (as they can’t allow anyone to see them ‘unpretty’, that is, without makeup). When visiting Russia, you will be astounded that no Russian woman on the street is without makeup. They will have at least light makeup and, at most, heavy one, which would be good enough to go at a catwalk. But if you think that applying makeup takes hours – you are mistaken. 9 out of 10 single Russian women know how to make a perfect appearance from scratch maximally within 1 hour. Why? This is closely connected to the next point on the list.
  2. Nearly any Russian lady was raised in a very different economic model from the West. West is traditionally rich, no matter if this tradition is relatively recent for the US, which became a prosperous country in the 1950s or if we are talking about the UK, which has this tradition lasting for centuries. The richness has shifted the role of foreign men and women, making them distribute roles inside of a family. A man earns money (which should be enough to run a family of 2 adults and 2-3 children), while a woman is running a house. Obviously, this trend is re-shifting in the latest decade or two but we are talking about the history of many generations, which are considered classic (and will be considered so on the national level for centuries from now on). In Russia, the model of society is different. There, it is impossible for a regular man to earn for the living of a family. He needs the support of his wife, and they both run the house when they have time to do that after they return late from work. On average, working in two, they are able to make for the living of selves. But they have to work even harder when they start having 1 or more kids. So, as real Russian brides also work the same as men or even more than them, they simply don’t have too much time to be spent on their outer beauty.
  3. They are effective. They do the same as their husbands and more (because the role of a woman in Russia also considers that she does more cooking, cleaning and babysitting than he does despite the fact that she works the same working day). And as it turns out so, women are taught from your age that sitting with hands crossed and doing nothing is only an option if you’re dead. They have a hundred house chores each day and not doing them means that such a woman is not receiving understanding from her relatives and friends. If a woman wants to have rest – she has to wait until she goes on vacation with her husband (which may happen several times for life – if to say on average).

That’s why women in Russia seek for a better life for them & their children, as the quality of what they have (on average) is not something a normal person would strive to. Profiles of Russian women on dating sites will tell you many sad stories about their tough life back home. 

How to find real Russian brides?

Let’s consider 5 top dating sites, where you can find your bride.

Anastasiadate.com website for marriage

This is the most popular website in the Slavic world, to the services of which resort millions of men and hot Russian women every year. The database is shockingly big and diverse and you will be thrilled by the rate of online ladies – at day, the number is from 1,000 to 5,000 at a time, while at night, still, several hundreds of Russian brides with the photo are there. If you live in the US, you must take into account that night and day times between the US and Russia are different – when one has a day, another has a night. So, chatting during your day may bring lesser results. But at your night, so many ladies are online! This is when you can meet the Russian bride the best.

Kissrussianbeauty.com site to find a hookup and love

This Russian mail order bride website embraces the same range of purposes why men and women are registered there, like its predecessor. You can flirt, obtain friends, and search for your ‘only one’. Doing it is easy, as there are several thousand ladies online at daytime, with 91% of the response rate, which means that you will be answered to your chat or letter with a better probability than 9 out of 10!

Daterussiangirl.com wonderful website

This is a gorgeous site for gorgeous you (and the ladies here are not inferior to this). This is a healthy alternative to both mentioned before lists of Russian ladies, with one of the highest reply rates (93%). Registering here takes just a minute or two, and filling of your profile to completeness will take 5 or 10 minutes (given that you are going to choose some likable photos for your profile, too), which is good if you want to largely increase the response rate to your letters.

Russianbeautydate.com is your choice if you’re looking for remarkable beauties

This site is an option for men who want to explore more. If you haven’t had luck in any of the three mentioned earlier sites, resorting to this one may change things for better.

Singlesrussian.com is the site where models dwell

It is simple to join and run any type of conversation. The interface is tuned at maximal ease and transparency of getting together, with 9 out of 10 women replying to you back in either case. The site has a bit smaller online rate but that’s because it is generally newer and needs time to gain the momentum.

Why do Russian women wanna be brides of foreign citizens?

Let’s now look closely at factual circumstances, pushing beautiful Russian girls to move (even with a complete start of their lives in a new place).

Why Russian brides consider moving abroad?

  1. Social and economic reasons. It is better to find a nice job in a wealthy country (if she wants to realize herself on work). If she finds a good, caring, attentive, and wealthy husband, she can make sure her life becomes better as a housewife. Some women go west to complete education that they had to drop on their motherland (or to start it if they did not have a chance at all to do it before).
  2. Making a better family. Finding the right person is always a challenge – to find a Russian bride may be hard for you but finding a good husband for her is even more challenging. However, if a woman is assured in her powers, sees no bright opportunities back at home, and the assuredness in her future is supported by a strong knowledge of English, many doors are open to her in a new place. It is hard to find a husband in any country but if there is a possibility to do it in a new place with much better perspectives – than she will try to use them. This is one of the often reasons why Russian brides go to college or university in the US and seek a local husband during their education time – to stay here as wives. There is no point to return to Russia if she can live here, in a well-established position of a developed society. For you, having a nice database of Russian brides on dating sites, knowing this desire of Russian wives is a chance of winning big. 

Why Russian girls are beneficial for foreign men?

  1. They come from an old-fashioned and stiffed society. So they will not want to play the first violin in your relations. She understands that a man is the head of a family and she can only discuss things with him, not making him adopt the way she looks at things every time. So even if you are not too powerful in all senses of this word, you may seem so in the eyes of your fiancée from Russia.
  2. They can be the heart of any company. It is true that people in Russia drink a lot. But this is nothing like alcoholism (or you would have to call alcoholics the entire population of Germany, who drink nearly more than anyone else on average). This is about having a good time, having a little help for secular chatting, and it is for socialization purposes, most often. So she will be ready to support your social drinking process, approving it, not stinging you with words. Even up to 2011 in Russia, everything with less than 10% of alcohol in content was considered regular foodstuff, not alcohol beverage ;)
  3. As they are practical, then there will be no need to hire house personnel if you are a mid-range income family. She is going to take care of laundry, housekeeping, dishwashing, and even some gardening. Surely, if you can afford that – then she should be completely okay with that. Otherwise, the family budget is above everything, as she was growing up in a country where money rigidly counts.
  4. One interesting but distracting fact: as there are nine time zones in Russia, you should bear in mind that the time difference between you and her could be anything, from 0 to 23 hours (also considering your own time zone).

Russian women are prone to marriage and having kids

Children are what any Russian wife mostly strives to. The importance of self-realization as a person is still largely tied to having and raising kids in Russia. Coming to her country, she brings rock-hard assuredness that the same model is going to be applied here for her. If you want your kids to be beautiful (because you mix your genes to a person of another nationality) but still, not exotic (as you don’t want to differ from your social circle), then marrying to Russian is an obvious choice. Sure, in a genetic lottery, you can win more generously with some Brazilian or Tahitian but the chances of loss are bigger, as in any other lottery. With Russians, the result will be standing on the scale anywhere from ‘acceptable’ to ‘gorgeous’ at all times.

Education of children

As the quality of education in Russia deserves better (despite the number of people with high education, the quality of it is low, as in any other recessive country of the world), the Russian bride wants to give significantly better education to her children. Also if you have yours before marrying her, she is likely to treat them as hers. This also means that she will establish parental guiding over all your children with equal power and willingness.

Taking care of their life and interests

It can’t be otherwise – when you live in a well-established society, you’ve gotta watch after your children’s lives, preventing them from bad friends and bad decisions. As, after marrying you, the Russian mail order bride will have plenty of time to realize herself as a good parent, she will become a significant part of the life of you & your children, creating a strong and well-knit family. 

Is finding legit Russian brides costs you a lot?

Now let’s talk about the issue of search and price.

After you register on one of the Russian dating sites to communicate with Russian brides, you have all chances to start your searches based on given filters. However, although some actions of some dating sites are free or limited-time-free, you should not think that all actions are so. Typically, users have to pay for chatting, lettering, sending pictures and viewing full profiles, not having any daily or monthly limitations in actions, and so on. One of the costliest things can be obtaining Russian girl’s contact data, sending her real-life gifts, or going to her country. Be prepared: from start to finish, finding a potential Russian bride may cost you 1,000 dollars and more.

Top 5 Mail Order Bride Facts
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